On Friday, September 6th, we told you about a lost puppy during The RockShow. Rhegar, a husky/shepherd mix was lost for a few days, and his owner, Dakota, is half a world away serving in the United States Army.

Dakota's wife, Heather, had been searching and even offered a reward for Rhegar's safe return, all while also moving to a new house all on her own. Losing Rhegar would have been a blow that the young family should never have to experience.

Hundreds of people shared Rhegar's story, and fortunately the man who had found Rhegar was listening to the broadcast on 94.5 FMX when we put out a call to our community to help a family reunite with their pup.

He called the owner's soon after The RockShow shared the details about Rhegar, and by the end of the day, Rhegar was in Heather's arms, and Dakota, an ocean away, felt the love and support from Lubbock when he learned the good news.

In a Facebook post, Heather announced the good news, writing:

Guys!!! GUESS WHO WAS FOUND! My baby was found by David Diehl thanks to FMX! He was such a gentleman and on top him finding my little love he didn't take the reward money. He is such a standup man! Thank you so so so much. I'd like to thank all of my friends and family that helped me, and kept my husband and I strong! Angie Skinner, Barbara Sternberg-Garmon, Kelly Plasker and everyone who looked and rallied for my family!
You guys showed me what it means to be apart of a true community.
And i really saw how many people care about my family! You all are AMAZING!

We salute you, Lubbock! This week, you showed what true community should be like when it comes to helping one another. I couldn't be more proud to be your neighbor!

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