One Lubbock driver took it upon themselves to park their bright yellow, teensy, tiny, baby truck absolutely horribly today in front of Academy. Maybe they thought it was cute and nobody would notice.

Unfortunately for them, an FMX listener submitted this photo today and we think it's pretty gosh darn special. Don't you?

It's only a matter of time before this photo gets back to them. Is this your drunk Uncle Pete that swears up and down he didn't steal your granny's social security? Is this your ex-stepdad, Roy, that was recently caught pantless with the peanut butter and the golden retriever? What about your neighbor's teenage son that keeps 'accidentally' running over your mailbox? Any takers?

Surely, someone knows them...

I'm betting whoever drives this went into Academy to purchase an extra-small jockstrap. Like, this driver is the sort of dude that drops his pants and craps directly into a wall urinal. He probably puts the condom on over his balls. He's the kid you can't trust around the glue.

Maybe this cruddy parking job was done by the dude you knew in Jr High that ate a Tide Pod and never quite recovered?

If you happen to know who did this, don't go crazy on them or anything. Perhaps just shame them a bit. It's healthy. This can be a learning experience for us all. Also, if you have any clever roasts to share on this parking job, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below this article on our KFMX Facebook page.

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