It began innocently and now I'm in over my head. Sometimes, I wake up thinking about it and wonder if the employees find it strange that I show up at 8:30 am to visit their salad bar. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if my wallet allowed it. They have all of the best toppings and a huge variety of pasta salads and other side dishes that are always on point. I go into the store thinking that I'll make some kind of dainty little salad, but I'm kidding myself. These salads go hard!

The salad bar at Market Street on 98th and Quaker is absolutely badass and I just can't stop. I won't stop. I've become great pals with all of the employees. They even comment things when I'm checking out, like, "Wow, your salad looks great today, Chrissy!" and, "Great choice with the honey mustard! It's my favorite!". They don't shame me for the questionable amount of egg salad I've hidden beneath the spinach or the double helping of cottage cheese. They know I mean business, and there is zero shame in my salad game.

These salads are anything but diet. I mean, sure, you could just throw some greens in there and call it a day, but not me. I come to party. 9 times out of 10, I cannot leave without turning my healthy salad into a 1500-calorie delicious monster and I'm not sorry.

Do yourself a favor and check it out soon, but be warned, the salad bar at Market Street on 98th and Quaker is highly addictive. Once you start, you may not be able to stop. I'm thinking about starting a support group, and by a support group, I mean a group of people that visit the salad bar together and help one another support the weight of each other's to-go boxes on their way to the checkout counter. Yum.

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