Crystal Garza woke up to find a fox cozied up next to the side of her Lubbock home in the area of 43rd and Slide Road today. She quickly snagged a photo of the furry friend and shared it on social media.

Most of the time when you see a fox around here, it's when you're driving on the highway, surrounded by farmland. You'll see them scurry across the road from time to time, but they aren't exactly known for roaming the city streets.

I asked her about the foxy encounter and this is what she had to say:

"It took off already, but it let me get really close! It didn’t seem to be scared of me. It was bird hunting! I have a cat I let out in the morning and he hangs in the front and backyard. The fox didn’t even bother with him! I have a huge yard and lots of trees so it seems to attract lots of wildlife."

Crystal Garza
Crystal Garza

The common gray fox is actually native to Texas and you'll come across one way more often than you will a red fox. Here are a couple of cool facts about foxes you might not know:

- Even though foxes look a bit like cats, they are actually part of the dog family. They still hiss and spit like cats, and even make some mewing noises as well. When they are feeling threatened, they even arch their backs and hackle up their fur like a cat. calls them "The Most Cat-Like Members of the Dog Family".

- Foxes are not picky eaters and are considered opportunistic feeders. I kind of think of myself as something similar. Ha. They will basically eat whatever ever is around, including garbage, eggs, carrion, and berries, as well as live prey.

Do you see them often where you live in town? I'd love to see some photos! Leave them in the comments below this article on our Facebook page.

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