Everybody, myself very much included, makes mistakes. We all forget things, drop the ball, and brain fart. It's totally human.

But it seems like Lubbock has made one bad behavior into more than a "life happens" moment, but rather an entire culture of irresponsibility and it's on my last dang nerve.

Lubbock, why oh why do you wait until the last possible moment to make any kind of plans? I see posts on social media that are constantly asking for BIG help on catering, cakes, hair stylists, and more. It's always something like, "Can anyone make me a wedding cake for 500 people by tomorrow, also it needs to look exactly like... [insert Instagram masterpiece here]"


Why? What happens to your event if no one can help you? Do you get a sheet cake from Wal-Mart?

bart meme
bart meme

Was no one taught the adage? It can be cheap and good. Good and fast. Or cheap and fast. But never all three.

Astoundingly, and I do admire it, there are some real hustlers in Lubbock that tend to make these wild and very last-minute requests happen. Probably because they are used to these shenanigans. Boy, do I hope they charge appropriately for the inconvenience. If you're getting it good and fast, it better not be cheap. That's too unfair to the person who is helping you out of an enormous blunder. And I KNOW if anyone were to pull this, they would certainly tip the heck out of the service provider, right?

The "straw" I saw that broke my back on this was someone asking for a huge catering for a workplace breakfast- for the very next morning. Again, someone stepped up and helped them out, which is impressive if totally undeserved.

If you're this person habitually, never move to a big city. Your entire workplace will starve that morning.

Why it matters: This is also a huge problem with concerts and other events. I've seen shows get canceled due to a lack of pre-sales. I know of several great concerts and events that didn't come here because Lubbock cannot be relied upon to do anything but show up late at the door the day of the event. More and more though, these events are selling out and maybe some folks are just a couple of disappointments away from learning a lesson. More likely, they'll just be utterly confused as to how this possibly could have happened to them.

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