This reminds me of something.

When I was a little kid we dug a monster fort in the backyard. Not content on it just being a fort, we turned it into a "pool". The water stayed there for a couple of days, but since whatever didn't belong or originate there, it just left us with a mudhole (speaking of mudholes, have you ever driven by one of your playa lakes?).

Everything Lubbock is reporting that the plan to build (or dig) a lake in Southeast Lubbock may be back on the table. This is a plan that's been around for decades, and now this moldy corpse of a plan has risen from the grave. If the project is approved by everyone up and down the line, it would take 10-15 years to complete.

Wow. Where to start? How about with the $250 million price tag and the fact that zero large-scale projects like this ever come in on time and under budget. We could just end up with a giant, unsightly hole for decades.

Do we really need "Buffalo Springs Lake Part 2: Electric Boogaloo"? Do we really need another set of lake board members, lake rats, gate charges and all of that? I really can't say; I'm just putting this out there.

All of this is planned as a way to further guarantee our drinking water supply in the future, but it really sounds like kids taking a garden hose, putting it in a hole and hoping for the best. Oh, and this would be hole that would take up around 774 acres. That's a mighty big hole.

This might be the best plan in the world, but if it's truly going to move forward, we need to know a lot more about it.

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