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Lubbock's Jefferson Books (8209 Slide Rd) will close permanently on Sunday, November 20th, according to the bookstore's Facebook page.

Hey everybody! We are usually closed on Tuesdays, but we will be open from 10am-7pm on Tuesday (11/15) for our final week. Starting tomorrow (11/15) all of our books will be 2 for $1.00!! ❗️So stop by & help us clear out as many books as possible! There are still some really good books left. 😁 Thanks again for the overflow of support & we hope to have a great last few days at Jefferson Books!

Jefferson Books original concept was to provide $2 used books for sale. It is locally owned by the same folks who own and operate 2nd Chance Books (4206 50th St). Both locations receive their stock through community donations.

With the ice-cold weather, I've found great comfort and joy in bundling up in a blanket with my cats and coffee. Of course the best way to spend "cocoon" time is to really dig into a great book. Personally, I can't get enough Gothic fiction or history books to satiate my huge appetite for them. I can't help but collect beautiful cookbooks, too.

I've always loved used book stores because its a great way to recycle a book, but also get more books at a low cost. If you don't like a book you bought for 50 cents, its not exactly a heartbreaker. If you love it, it's one of the best things in the world. And you can just donate it again for the next person to enjoy.

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