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Everyone knows that Lubbock's Joyland Amusement Park (500 Canyon Lake Drive) is where the fun is, but I suppose not everyone knows it's also where the high-resolution security cameras are.

Seriously, these photos are better than any photo I took pre-2000 on a regular camera. And why is Arya Stark vandalizing Joyland when she should be defending the seven kingdoms?

According to the police report we obtained, the incident occurred on May 5th, 2021 and involved several suspects. They broke decorative pots, a window, wiring to a railroad crossing signal on a ride and several other unnamed items, according to an employee who spoke with officers. The suspects also apparently tried to break into an office, but were unsuccessful.

From Joyland's Facebook page:

LPD has given us permission to post. Please if you know the people in these pictures, please contact the Lubbock Police Department at 806-775-2769 and refer to Case #21-17510. The people in these photos decided to come into Joyland in the overnight hours of May 5, 2021 and vandalize the park. This kind of behavior costs us all

In a possibly very interesting twist, some commenters think one of the kids in the surveillance images looks a lot like a kid named Roman who was reported missing. He was since found by his mother, so if it's the same individual, he should really consider giving his mom a break.

My family owns a haunted theme park, and dealing with vandals and thieves is not only obnoxious, but also unravels hours of hard work and hundreds of dollars spent in an attempt to make Lubbock more fun for kids just like these.

So if you're a teen looking for some fun, I'd really suggest video games or something else instead. We live in an era where you're caught on camera many times a day. From front door cameras to business surveillance equipment, it's basically impossible to get away with this kind of crap anymore.

Here's the Joyland post will all the kid's photos.

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