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Evie Mae's highly anticipated 2nd location will open alongside the newest United store at 114th and Slide. While they'll still be using the same great recipes, some things will be a little different than their original location at 217 US-62, Wolfforth.

Evie Mae's will still be counter-service style, and will still cook on-site with custom-built smokers, just like the original location. Staff from the old location has been going back-and-forth to maintain quality and get new staff members trained up.

However, there will be slightly fewer options, according to their recent Facebook post:

We are starting off with a simple menu and fewer side/dessert options as our main location. We simply don’t have the space and want to “ease” into things with our staff and offer the best quality we can. Our motto has always been to serve quality over quantity. We’ve increased our capacity many times over the years and feel very confident with our amazing crew that we can offer a high quality, craft bbq experience, 7 days a week, even into dinner hours.

As someone who has watched 9000 hours of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, I can say with some authority that starting with a simpler menu is the best possible idea. Quality is certainly more important when it comes to restaurant offerings, and having too many options tends to make every dish suffer. As Evie Mae's inside United grows, I'm sure they'll add back more items, or perhaps will even offer new ones. Of course, you are also still inside a United, so you could just grab a piece of cake or whatever from there. Easy!

One more difference to be aware of is an administrative one:

Cashiers will be United staff on their POS system. That means that Evie Mae’s gift cards will not be valid at the new location. We will work on a solution for that in the future.


So the immediate workaround on this would be to give your BBQ gift as a United gift card, which would work on their POS systems. FYI, in this context POS means "point of sale" not the other, less appropriate acronym.

Evie Mae's did mention one more thing that I feel is very worth repeating here:

As with anything that’s brand new, please be patient and kind. Our crew is exhausted but we’re excited to start this new location!

I absolutely agree with that sentiment.


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