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Lubbock's P.E.T.S. Clinic performed over 100 spays and neuters on dogs and cats within their first 5 days of operation, according to their Facebook post.

This is a massive accomplishment. One female cat can have 160 kittens in their lifetime. One female dog and her female puppies can have, get this, 67,000 babies in a six-year period. It's so incredibly important to spay and neuter our pets to ensure the pet population is kept at a level that ensures every pet can have a great home.

P.E.T.S. offers more than just low-cost spay/neuters; they also have extremely reasonable rates for life-saving vaccines for your pup or kitty. They offer other awesome services as well, including nail trimming.

The clinic's highly-anticipated opening was delayed due to COVID-19, so I'd recommend setting an appointment as soon as possible should you need one. They are likely booked out for a while, but will have an opening for your baby in the near future. You can book online, or call 806-507-0836.

Lubbock Animal Services Reopens for Business

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