You've probably heard the term Easter Egg beyond just the colorful and strange tradition of dyeing hardboiled eggs and hiding them in lawns. It also refers to a fun message or reference hidden in a video game, movie, comic, etc.

Easter Egg is the perfect term for this concept because it's something colorful you search for when you're already, hopefully, having a great time with your chosen media.

One of my personal favorites is super meta: if you take your Castlevania Symphony of the Night disk, place it in a CD player and skip to track 2, you can hear the game's main theme. I am biased, though, Symphony of the Night might be the best video game ever.

This month, Lubbock's famous Smiling Bush is both definitions of an Easter Egg. He's been expertly costumed by the amazing folks at Lawn Pros, who have kept the tradition of outfitting the Smiling Bush monthly for years. He's certainly the largest Easter Egg in Lubbock, taking center stage in a whimsical Easter basket lined with huge, bright plastic Easter Eggs.

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But Smiling Bush is also the perfect Easter Egg to find in Lubbock anytime. If someone visits Lubbock and they want to unlock all our 'achievements,' driving by the Smiling Bush is definitely one of them. He's a message of joy, whimsy and fun. And to me, he will always be a colorful reminder of my darling friend Kelly, who loved him so much.

Smiling Bush lives on the corner of 58th & Indiana, not too far from the Market Street. I'm so grateful that the incredibly gracious homeowner has chosen to share her fun plant with us. And thanks again to Lawn Pros for being so clever and creative and sharing that with us.

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