By now, you all know about Lubbock's Smiling Bush.

Lubbock has needed an identity forever. We need something to rally around, to call our own, to be a Lubbock thing. I think we borrow (or steal if we have to) the idea of the Smiling Bush and do it all over Lubbock.

We could have an entire army of Smiling Bushes in the Hub City.  All of our public art would be awesome landscape features with big googly-eyes and whatever theme we choose for that month. If the Smiling Bushes were located in public places, then all the better. We'd have people go on Smiling Bush tours of Lubbock to take pictures. This could be EPIC.

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We can start small, but big. I'm sure we can find four big bushes to locate at the compass points of north, south, east and west in the Hub City. They could even be navigational markers, i.e. "take a left a block after the west-side bush."

Some of you might think I'm just being silly with this, but if you've read my posts in the past you'd know I'm as serious as a serious bush; this could be a thing. I've always touted a need for identity, more art, and more green spaces in Lubbock. I'm betting the city already has land or parks where these big bushes can be located, and as the homeowner and landscaper of the original Smiling Bush proved, this stuff can be done on the cheap and still create some fun landmarks for the Hub City.

C'mon, Lubbock -- let's do this!

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