It's sad that politics dictate who will be on Lubbock's "Wall Of Fame".  There are so many working musicians in this town that have brought so much joy to people that for them to not be included is absolutely criminal.  I was just reacquainted with a name from the past, that we held in really high regard and it really bothers me that more people don't know who he is.  So with that in mind, click through for a journey through some of my favorite "unsung" Lubbock musicians.


I don't know what got me thinking about it, but I started thinking about two of my favorite Lubbock musicians from the past (and present) that don't get name dropped enough when we talk about the real players around these parts.  Those names are Johnny Ray and Joe Time (Tyme?).  Both led the way through punk, rock and new wave in the 80's.  Johnny Ray to us was like watching a punkier, more a.d.d. version of Keith Moon; just arms, ass and elbows flying all of the place but never missing a beat (evidently Johnny is still playing, now with "Johnny Handgun".  Joe was a bit more "working man".  He was bit like Charlie Watts or Tommy Ramone with the power of John Bonham.  I'd also like to add Vic The Barber to the unsung list along with former bass badass Richard Rico (most notable for many years with Impeccable and The Darren Welch Group).   Other than Vic, we're talking about what are usually called "sidemen" in the business.  Sure there are people like Darren and Mike Pritchard who are still very active and keep their names out there.  I doubt Lubbock will ever honor working musicians like Darren and Mike so to hope that some of the great non-frontmen of the scene ever get their due is pretty much hopeless.

I have tried before to get Junior Medlow honored (with a stage in Buddy Holly park) but my local politician made it very clear it would take some sleazy politics to get it done (at least that's how it came off to me).  Medlow once came out of his hospital bed to play a gig.   THAT to me is a working musician.  If we can ever get Medlow recognized then I would like to someday establish a "Junior Medlow" award for guys like Johnny, Joe, Vic and Richard who all sweated a thousand nights for next to nothing just to entertain us in the clubs of West Texas.

Who else do you think has been a real "unsung" musical hero in West Texas?  Let's make this list long and complete, these guys deserve some credit.

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