Lubbock's local Harley-Davidson dealer has always managed to be more than just a place to buy motorcycles and gear. Much like the iconically American Harley-Davidson itself, Wild West Harley-Davidson (5702 58th St) has its own culture, its own orbit, and its own loyal family of motorcycle enthusiasts. Just look at their Facebook page- it's a sea of folks beaming with joy next to their bikes.

Not content to just sell motorcycles and related necessities (and major wants- no one has to have Halloween orange trim, but it sure looks nice), WWHD also has frequent events, like their recent car and bike show, and events like rides and rallies to support great causes like the recent A Ride To Fight Suicide*.

Their next big event is their second annual Hog Roast, and it sure seems like a fun one, in addition to being a delightful pun on the nickname commonly used for Harleys; that is, hogs.

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

Coming Saturday, July 15th to WWHD, the Hog Roast will feature, of course, roasted hog. The Shack BBQ (of which my family are big fans) will be serving, "fresh roasted pork sliders served with all the fixings." Back In Black, a long-time AC/DC tribute band will be performing, and cold drinks will be served- all for free. Additionally, there will be Kona Ice and Bubba & Breys Grilled Cheese food trucks will items available for purchase. The event will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at WWHD.

It sounds like a really fun time and a lovely glimpse into the unique culture of Harley-Davidson.

*if you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, there are resources available to you. Please call 988 for free and confidential help. I swear to you- it will get better. 

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