A number of major businesses have decided enforcing a public health rule is just too much.

We thanked these businesses when they mandated masks, then we heard they were privately informing their employees not to bother with enforcement and now they are straight-up saying that they will not enforce mandatory mask requirements.

Let's start with the "who cares's?" bit of this.  There's already a business or two that have pulled this kind of shenanigans that I just won't go back into for another year. That's probably how this thing should work, if a business behaves in a way you don't like, don't go there. So, thanks to the ones who've announced they've lost their nerve.

The problem lies in the assh@les who thought it was okay to through a fit and flaunt the rules in the first place. Now that they've seen a big store bow to their toddler tantrums, what chance do our mom and pop stores have to deal with jerks?

I have my own business and if I'm fortunate enough to open (we do think we can do it VERY safely) you can bet your rear-end that everyone on staff from the top to the bottom and all the customers will have to wear a mask. No mask, see ya, don't care if you don't come back. I  believe a business can be run safely and ethically without money from ignorant bullies.

There are tons of local businesses out there you can support. Mask up and go see them while these corporate cowards bend over for a buck.

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