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Well, that's random.

A building that used to be home to a McDonald's in Lubbock has been completely torn down. I noticed the building was demolished while driving around town Friday afternoon (October 23rd). It's nothing but a pile of wood and debris now.

The demolition must have happened either today or yesterday, but I can't say for sure. The bulldozer is still sitting in the parking lot.

What I can say is that this particular McDonald's restaurant (4402 50th Street) has been closed for quite some time -- well before it was demolished once and for all. It sat unoccupied for months, even before the coronavirus pandemic upended life for everyone and forced many businesses to temporarily, or permanently, close their doors.

Thankfully, the Dunkin' across the street is still going strong. Nobody ever touch that one or they'll have to answer to me.

Quaker Ave. is a super-popular street for businesses, so it would only make sense that some other business would move in, remodel the building a little and make it their own. Sadly, that's not to be.

Below is what the building looked like in its halcyon days before the demolition crew was finished with it this week.

McDonald's, pre-demolition, circa 2019 (Google Street View)
McDonald's, pre-demolition, circa 2019 (Google Street View)

McDonald's does still have nine other restaurants in Lubbock that are rockin' and rollin' and still open for business.

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