The eyes of Mike Leach might be staring at you in Lubbock soon.

The news and billboard mockup, which you can see above, comes from Dolcefino Consulting, who advocates for Leach in his ongoing battle to be paid by his former employer, Texas Tech University.

According to the group, Lubbock citizens should expect to see the billboard in town on Monday, August 27th -- the first day of class at Texas Tech.

The same day classes begin at the University, a billboard will go up asking the question, 'What is Tech hiding?' Students, faculty and staff driving past the intersection of University and 19th streets will see the familiar set of eyes of Coach Mike Leach.

1340 The Fan spoke to Mike Leach's friend Wayne Dolcefino at a book signing in Lubbock this July, and he talked briefly about the possibility of the Lubbock billboard.

Leach, who was fired from his position back in 2009, still has plenty of supporters and fans in Lubbock. However, there are many who feel like he's overstayed his welcome, and that his seemingly endless campaign to get paid his 2009 salary by Texas Tech is getting old.

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