The NCAA sets up hotels for regional sites for the NCAA Baseball tournament. Those sites are, I'm sure, helped by the hosting school. When Texas Tech hosted five straight NCAA Regional Tournaments and multiple Super Regional, I think Lubbock was found to be an exemplary host destination.

Certainly not a sh*thole, right Tom Hutton?

No, I'd venture to guess that Lubbock has at least three hotels for the visiting schools that come to this fine city. There certainly wouldn't be any reason for the four seed of the Lubbock regional to be in a dumpster dive of a motel.

It's just too bad that Stillwater, Oklahoma apparently only has two nice hotels in it and had to stick the Missouri State Bears in a hotel with bed bugs.

Literal bed bugs.

The hotel staff also didn't shut the door when they cleaned the room, or should I say "cleaned" the room, because there were leftover clothes from the previous guest. The previous guest also left a good amount of hair behind.

There were also a number of previous guests of this fine establishment that couldn't bother to go to the toilet and instead just peed the bed.


Pro-tip, never lift the mattress at a hotel. What you don't know, won't give you nightmares.

Thankfully, I've only ever had one disgusting motel experience where there were more roaches than channels on the 14" television set. We did get another room that night, but these MSU Bears were left to stew in the filth of Stillwater. Coincidentally, that roach-infested hotel was in Austin, Texas. No lie.

Also, if I was a petty person, I would double down on the 31-year-old punter that called Lubbock a sh*thole and drop some comment like take the log out of your own eye and something about a speck, but I'm certainly not petty and I definitely wouldn't link the original article about the punter for a second time.

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