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A Lubbock Facebook group is taking off like wildfire, because the group creator just offered quite a nice prize to encourage Lubbock folks to eat local:

Hello Group! We have seen the posts lately from some of our local restaurants in regards to business being slow, one of them even having to close their brick and mortar store and go back to the food truck model. Its time we spring in to action and show them our love and support. I would like to try something. Between now and Monday, please patronize as many of our local restaurants as you can. If you eat at 3 or more, please send me pictures of your receipts with the date on them and you will be entered in to a drawing for a $100 gift card from myself at RE/MAX Lubbock. You can take pictures of the receipts and email them to me at kylerogers@remaxlubbock.com. Winner will be announced next Tuesday! Lets make it happen and #supportlubbocklocal

You can request to join Eat Local LBK on Facebook.

Sweet! So if you're in the group and you eat at a locally-owned business three times between now and Monday (1/23/2022) you could get $100. Nice!


Folks keep throwing more prizes into the pot! This is the current haul for the winner:

Kyle Rogers REALTOR RE/MAX Lubbock -- $100 gift card
Hayashi Japanese Steakhouse -- $100 gift card to their restaurant
The Escondido Grill-- $50 gift card to their restaurant
Chopped and Sliced BBQ -- $50 gift card to their restaurant
Hub City Billiards -- $50 gift card to their location
Hub City Rentals -- $100 Gift Card
All American Eatery -- $50.00 Gift Card
David Cea -- Caprock Cafe -- Gift Card
Not bad!
Honestly, eating local is its own reward in so many ways. Local restaurants are much less likely to skimp on quality ingredients or quality service because they can't afford to lose their good reputation.
And anytime you spend locally, you directly benefit your own local economic environment. There's a lot of research on this and I could get technical about it, too, but in essence, local people have local stuff to buy, too. And the local stuff they buy very well may be from your business or the business you work at.
If you need ideas on which three restaurants to enjoy over the weekend, there are many posts already in the Eat Local LBK group, and there are always great recommendations on LBK Foodies as well.
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