Good news Lubbock we now have an affordable and easy way to recycle while making a sustainable future.

Ryno Recycle is brand new to Lubbock and they are ready to serve you. They were created to make it easier for people to recycle at the ease of your own home. Now there is no need to remember to take anything out to a drop-off location or walk recycles to the curb and there is very little sorting necessary as they will walk the recycle container back and forth for you.

The Owens family started this company because they saw the benefits of recycling and it was frustrating for them not having an option to recycle.  Ryan, the owner, began his master's degree in engineering technology with a focus on renewable energy at West Texas A&M.  Ryan decided to focus his research on recycling.

Fast forward to a couple of years later his family moved to Lamesa, Texas and decided to take a leap and provide a curbside recycling service to West Texas and Lamesa is the perfect central hub to provide recycling to the Midland and Lubbock areas.

Now they have kicked off here and they are ready to get rolling. There are a lot of benefits to doing this, like reducing waste in landfill, conserving natural resources, preventing pollution, saving energy, new jobs, and a sustainable future.

Ryno Recycle offers full-service curbside recycling pickup for both residential and commercial customers. Cardboard, hard plastics, metal, and steel cans are all collected. We make recycling simply with a choice of service alternatives so that our communities may build a sustainable future by properly disposing of waste.
 How it works? 
This company is a full-service residential and commercial recycling curbside pickup. It can cost as low as $22 a month and comes with a 96-gallon receptacle and an indoor collection bin.
They are also working on finishing adding glass and styrofoam pickup as well.

What is accepted in your bin? 

In your bin, you can have food and beverage cans, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, aluminum cans and steel cans. They do ask to make sure to empty and rinse the containers so there is no contamination.

How do you get started? 

You can find out more on their website or call them at (806) 200-8002. I will definitely be calling to get started!

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