Fourth of July is a big boating holiday weekend, but BUI is a serious offense and Texas Parks & Wildlife has issued a press release. Operation Dry Water is stepping up patrols of our waters, both here and in and across the nation.

Alcohol has been a primary factor in nearly one-fourth of boater deaths, according to the TPWD press release. Expect to see a strong presence of law enforcement, including Texas Game Wardens, on alert for those drinking and boating this long holiday weekend.

"The decision about whether to drink and boat under the influence is a choice every boater makes," says Cody Jones, Texas Boating Law Administrator. "Boating under the influence is a 100 percent preventable crime. Operation Dry Water, participating law enforcement agencies and our boating safety partners encourage boaters to stay safe by staying sober while boating."

Operation Dry Water launched in 2009, and 1,875 BUI operators have been removed from the waterways across the nation since then, according to the press release.

Boaters can become impaired more quickly on the water than on land, due in part to environmental factors like wind and noise.

Please take care to drive and boat safely this holiday weekend! Don't let friends drive or boat drunk.


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