Friday the 13th may be seen as bad luck for some (particularly teenagers in horror movies) but for tattoo shops, it's a holiday of sorts. For many years, many shops participated in a marathon of tattooing that saw dozens and dozens of folks line up for Friday the 13th tattoo specials. The original "deal" was $13 for a small, pre-drawn Friday the 13th-themed tattoo, with a mandatory $7 tip for good luck.

Over the years, many shops have either amended the deal or have dropped out of the tradition completely. That's understandable. The cost of supplies is higher, their time is valuable, and marathon tattooing must be hard on their bodies and brains. However, a few of the hardcore keep the tradition alive. In Lubbock, one shop is participating in a big way- Stagecoach Tattoo on 3602 Slide Road, near The Lantern Tavern.

Stagecoach Tattoo
Stagecoach Tattoo

Not only will the Stagecoach crew honor the original deal for small tattoos (see above for a sneak peek of some of the available designs), but they also have other specials should you choose to go bigger. There will be $80 and $150 designs available from 11 am to 9 pm.

In addition to the shop running these specials locally, shop proprietor Jesse Whitley is celebrating the holiday as purely as possible:

[Stagecoach Tattoo is] continuing a tradition started by legendary Texas tattoo artist Oliver Peck. The number 13 has been associated with bad luck, but by putting the number 13 on you will ensure bad luck will pass you by. Also as a way of giving back to our loyal clientele with a great deal and tattoo that’ll last a lifetime and memories that will never fade. I [Jesse Whitley] will actually be joining Oliver and the Elm Street crew to celebrate this Friday the 13th and tattooing for his 24-hour marathon. Honored to be a part of this tradition where it all began.

Get your dose of good luck, and participate in a tattoo tradition while it's still alive, this Friday, October 13th at Stagecoach Tattoo.

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