There are tornado ruins still visible in Lubbock.

I have written about the tornado ruins over by my house a couple of times before (2398 Mesa Road). What can I say, I still find the are very haunting. A lot has changed in that area so I've tried to document it every once in a while. I have even spoken with family members who still feel echoes of this tragedy.

When I first visited there were still visible rooms for the plumbing and it was easy to figure out the layout of the house. In the last two years, almost all that remains of the cinderblock wall/fence is gone. It also looks like the property has been scraped a bit with a lot of debris deposited at the edge of the lot.

The slabs inside are still mostly intact. It's those fragments of tile floors that get to me the most. It is just bizarre to recognize that people lived and died on that lot. Of course, there is still a lot of overgrowth since the house was destroyed in 1970.

I recommend you take a couple of minutes to look at these pictures, and maybe, possibly go home tonight and at least take a few minutes to come up with some type of tornado plan for your own family. Of course, nothing is fail-safe, but having some kind of plan could be the difference between life and death. I would also recommend you check out this "Take 5" (as in take five minutes) safety plan.

Lubbock Tornado Ruins 2023

Here are some pics from 2021

Lubbock Tornado Ruins Are Being Taken Down

Time marches on.

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