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On Wednesday, May 20th, a thunderstorm rolled over the city of Lubbock beginning around 6:45 p.m. Much like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the aftermath was shocking for many residents caught off guard by the severe hazards the storm developed.

FMX listeners shared the damage that they incurred during the storm. Some photos showing sunroofs damaged, a pool, and an outdoor slide also sustaining damage from large hailstones.

Damage in south Lubbock near 114th Street and Indiana Ave appears to be the area worst hit by the large hail, which measured up to 3 inches in diameter.

Homes, outdoor furniture, and vehicles took a beating from the storm that will be one to be remembered for a while simply because of the amount of damage done to the neighborhoods that were impacted.

Overall, the city survived a heck of a hail storm, but sadly this appears to be something we will likely see again this severe weather season, just before monsoon weather season begins and we can all share our Lubbock flooding photos.

Listeners Share Pictures From the May 20th Hail Storm

Fortunately, this is part of the reason our economy stays alive, hail and dent repair, windshield repair, and lest we forget insurance adjusters are happy today, so try not to rain on their parade.

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