Do you ever have those moments where you remember an old TV show or a commercial you loved as a kid that makes you rush to YouTube and try to find it for a moment to absorb the nostalgia?

With Christmas approaching and remembering some old holiday commercials that would pop up on TV this time of year, I decided to go on a hunt for some old Lubbock Christmas commercials.

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After a fair bit of digging, I was able to find four different Christmas commercials that used to air in Lubbock. Most of them were from 1993, but one was a bit more recent, airing in 2014.

Let's start by looking at this 1993 commercial for the Tis Christmas store located at the South Plains Mall on 80th and Indiana.

Tis Christmas Magic Traditions

Silverman's Factory Jewelers also had a commercial in 1993. As stated in the video's bio, it aired on November 25th, 1993 on KCBD Channel 11, an NBC affiliate at the time, during a broadcast of beloved Christmas movie Home Alone.

Silverman's Factory Jewelers "Christmas Gifts"

Fast forward over 20 years and we have this 2014 Christmas commercial for Betenbough Homes.

Merry Christmas from Betenbough Homes

Going back to the 90s, Dollar Western Wear also had a Christmas commercial air in Lubbock, advertising the layaway program at their 5007 Brownfield Highway location. This commercial also aired in 1993 during a broadcast of Home Alone on KCBD Channel 11.

Dollar Western Wear "Layaway for Christmas"

Looking back at local commercials like this always gives a strong nostalgic feeling. It can bring back so many memories that you might've forgotten about over the years. You can find more nostalgic commercials like these on the YouTube channel I pulled the 1993 commercials from.

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