I would literally rate Plants Versus Zombies one of the top games of all time. It's fun, it's entertaining, it's easy to learn, all ages enjoy the game, and the bonus games are really a true bonus. With raves like this, the question is, "where is Plants Versus Zombies 2?". More after the jump.


The first Plants Versus Zombies game came out in May 2009. It was a game where the developers seemingly 'thought of everything".  You can play the game over and over, beginning to end, then start from the end to go back to the beginning. The mini-games are great diversions and many are fantastic stand alone games.  With rave reviews and great sales the question is, where is the sequel?  The people with "Angry Birds" are doing it right with updates, sequels, merchandising and so on.  It's my guess that the game play in Plants Versus Zombies was so perfectly thought out the first time, that they're having a little trouble coming up with original ideas for number two.  That's the conundrum, the longer the wait, the higher the expectations.

The best Popcap (the makers of the game) can say is, the sequel will be available in "late spring".  If you haven't played the game before, you can get a free and pretty lengthy download of the first part of the game right here.