It's no secret that we've been thwarted with some nasty weather lately. From school closures to car wrecks and power outages, the state of Texas can't seem to catch a break this week.

We asked FMX fans to share some photos of the winter wonderland they've experienced over the last few days. In spite of slippery roads and being late to work, the majority of you guys have maintained your sense of humor and perhaps even enjoyed the snow with your families, and that's fantastic.

So, keep your chin up. It will warm up soon. In fact, it will eventually get so damn hot outside we will completely forget about the snowpocalypse that wreaked havoc on our city.

In the meantime, find yourself some new hobbies while you are at home.

Knit a scarf. Do a puzzle. Play a rousing game of 52 pick up. Get the old Beta player out of the attic and show your grandson the movie Howard the Duck so you can feel slightly better about holding onto it for all of these years. Go through that box of crap in the garage that has something sticky in it, you know, the one that might contain your autographed Weird Al CD and that weird sweater vest from 1982. That one. Throw that box in the dumpster. Don't even think about saving that old Tupperware lid you spotted on the ground next to it either. Clean our your gross garage. You should be ashamed of yourself. We're all embarrassed to be your friend.

Anyway, here are some winter photos submitted by FMX listeners on our Facebook page that we thought you might enjoy. Oh, and before I forget, those of you that submitted photos of powdery drugs are terrible people and Santa Claus is watching you all.

And quit walking on frozen playa lakes. You don't want to fall in and drown with a mouth full of dirty goose poo water.

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