Every entertainer that comes through Lubbock's Jaguars Club is beautiful, but Shar Zayne took my breath away.

She's a stunning beauty who also happens to be outstandingly athletic. Yes, she is sexy and sensual, but folks who are only interested in the art and athletics of pole dance will be astounded by her grace and strength.

Shar has won many pole dancing competitions, including a gold medal in the strip Olympics, 2018 Ms. Exxxotica and has been a finalist for entertainer of the year. She's very impressive.

I, on the other hand, took two pole dance classes and ended up so beaten and bruised I never went back, even though I paid for 10 of them. I'm a quitter, I know. But pole dancing requires so much more physical (and inner) strength than you can possibly imagine if you've never tried it. The fact that these entertainers make it look so easy is a testament to how skilled they really are.

She also likes to cosplay as She-Hulk, and boy can she back that up:

Shar Zayne will be performing several shows Thursday, January 14th through Saturday, January 16th at Lubbock's Jaguars Gentlemen's Club (1585 & the Tahoka HWY). Be sure to bring those bills because you'll be inspired to make it rain on this incredible talent and beauty.

Watch Shar Zayne simply practice here, you'll be impressed:

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