CNN reported Saturday that the popular children's show Peppa Pig will be getting its very own theme park in Florida.

Now instead of just complaining to your spouse about the obnoxious children's cartoon playing constantly in the house, you can experience it live and in-person with your toddlers. Joy!

The park will have play areas, rides and "muddy puddles," one of Peppa's signature favorite things. What could be more fun than struggling to get your child into clean clothes and shoes just to get out the door to visit the new theme park, only to have to wash the mud off them immediately when you get home. They truly thought of everything.

This park is striving to be "the ultimate day for little ones", and I don't know about you guys, but my nephew's ultimate day would probably consist of eating old fries from between the couch cushions and forcing a roll of toilet paper down the toilet, so I'm skeptical about the level of fun this place will be for parents.

But hey, you're only a kid once, and kids love Peppa Pig. The show is played all over the world and available in 40 different languages, so they must be doing something right.

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The Peppa Pig Theme Park at Legoland Florida Resort will be opening next year in Winter Haven, according to their owner's Merlin Entertainments, the partner of Hasbro on this endeavor.

Hasbro is behind the park, so it will probably be a smash hit, but don't forget, they also created the game Monopoly, and in the end, they are all about the benjamins.

What children's show do you think should build a theme park? I vote for just about anything from cartoon network. Comment below or on our FMX Facebook page.


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