Allen's Family Style Meals in Sweetwater, Texas announced that it will be closing its doors after being in business for more than seven decades. The home-cooked, southern-style restaurant came from humble begins.

Owner Lizzie Allen started selling meals out of the kitchen in her home back in 1952 and then went on to serve the residents of Sweetwater in one of the area's most beloved restaurants for 72 years.

The closure was announced last Sunday. The owners are retiring after years of hard work. As sad as locals are to see the restaurant go, 72 years is incredible! What a successful run! Seven decades in business takes extreme dedication to great food and great service. They deserve a happy and restful retirement. Job well done!

Here's the public Facebook post announcing the closure:

Commenters on the post encouraged the owners to publish a cookbook and joked about how they would never be able to make potato salad as good as theirs. The fried chicken was also mentioned several times in the nearly 400 comments, and it looks like Sweetwater will truly be mourning its loss.

Do you have any fond memories of Allen's Family Style Meals? I'd love to hear from you! Please drop me a comment below this article wherever you come across it, and share it will your friends who will miss the potato salad the most.

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