President Donald Trump wants college football to happen.

Amid the panic on this weekend that the Pac 12 and Big Ten were reportedly canceling their seasons and on the heels of the MAC and other schools and conferences officially canceling their seasons the President weighed in on twitter using the hashtag generated by a group of players that want to play college football this fall.

Trump then doubled down, like he so often does, on Monday afternoon.

Then again on Monday evening.

President Trump's statements on college football aren't limited to twitter though, he joined popular sports radio personality Clay Travis on Outkick this morning, to speak on the controversy of college football playing or not playing.

The Pac 12, MAC and Big Ten have all released statements about "Medical Experts" saying the season should not be played, while representatives from the ACC and SEC have released statements from different "Medical Experts" that college football could be safely played within reason.

During the interview, Trump spoke on the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and the Ice Hockey seasons starting and his thoughts on the political protests that have been intertwined with professional sports. He was also asked about Tom Brady and the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate.

On the topic at hand, college football being played this fall, Trump said, "These football players are very young, strong people, and physically, I mean they're physically in extraordinary shape," Trump said in the interview. "So they're not going to have a problem, you're not going to see people, you know, could there be? Could it happen? But I doubt it."

He went as far as saying it would be a "tragic mistake" for college football to not be played. Trump also seemed in favor of the sport being played with fans in the stands but noted, "I'm not sure college football can do it, but we'll have to see."

As of now, the Texas Tech football team is set to open their season on September 12th against the Houston Baptist Huskies in Jones Stadium. The Big 12 board of directors are reportedly meeting today to talk about the medical guidelines of each school.

It's still not certain, but it's more likely today than it was on Sunday that President Trump will get his wish and college football will happen this fall.

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