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Why Your Team Won't Win the Big 12: Football Edition
The Big 12 football season is about to get underway. The smell of nachos is in the air and, for the first time ever in Lubbock, the crisp refreshing smell of overpriced light beer tall boys accompanies the hint of jalapeno. As your favorite Big 12 team saunters toward the starting line this week ful…
The Rob Breaux Show's Big 12 Preview: Oklahoma State
HC: Mike Gundy OC: Sean Gleeson DC: Jim Knowles
2018 RECORD - 7-6
Most Likely 2019 RECORD - 8-4
2019 Preview:
For all that the Cowpokes weren’t in 2018 they were still a Bowl team and the 3rd best offense in the Big 12 Conference...
The Rob Breaux Show's Big 12 Preview: Kansas State
HC: Chris Klieman OC: Courtney Messingham DC: Scottie Halzeton 
2018 RECORD - 5-7 
Most Likely 2019 RECORD - 5-7
Kansas State is a bit of a conundrum in 2019. On one hand, they are having to replace the only head coach to be successful in Manhattan...
The Rob Breaux Show's Big 12 Preview: Kansas
HC: Les Miles OC: Les Koenning DC: D.J. Eliot
2018 RECORD - 3-9
Most Likely 2019 RECORD - 3-9
The entire city of Lawrence, Kansas is in a buzz because of the Mad Hatter Les Miles. They don’t mind that Miles hasn’t coached in three and a half years…
The Rob Breaux Show's Big 12 Preview: Texas Tech
HC: Matt Wells OC: David Yost DC: Keith Patterson
2018 RECORD - 5-7
Most Likely 2019 Record - 7-5
Texas Tech got a brand new coaching staff this offseason. It was the scarlet wedding in Lubbock with Coach Wells not retaining any assistant coaches from the Kingsbury regime...
10 Things I learned About the Big 12 by Picking Every Big 12 Game
As I was preparing for the football season this week I could not get a handle on what I thought about the Big 12. On one hand, I saw West Virginia winning 10 games and Oklahoma dropping back without the NFL talent they lost last season. On the other hand, Oklahoma reloads instead of rebuilding so it…

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