There's nothing like a Texas Tech win at the Jones AT&T Stadium. Add thousands of fans, a great game and a record-breaking kick, and that's just a top-tier experience.

Right before the kick went up, I don't think I've ever heard The Jones this quiet in my whole life. When the kick was called good, the crowd went wild:

The refs weren't great, the game was intense the whole time, but there's nothing like rushing that field with all your friends next to you in this great moment. We had perfect seats to see the final field goal. Honestly, he could have gone even further. Keep up the great work, Jonathan Garibay.

This is going to be one of those games we look back on and say the team never gave up. After all the bad calls from the refs and everyone writing them off, I'm so proud of the effort the whole team put into it. I'm also not gonna lie: it's hard to get down and back up on the field as well. No one tells you that part.

The victory bells rang out on that amazing day and Texas Tech is finally bowl eligible again. It's time to do this again and upset both OSU and Baylor. The striving for honor doesn't stop here.

Side note: the amazing voice and singing was definitely not me. We can say it was my alter ego Brittany, because she was so excited to be there as a Texas Tech alumna and witness it in person.

While this is not the first time I've stormed the field at The Jones, hopefully it won't be the last. We all have heartaches being Texas Tech fans, so we got to soak up this amazing feeling. We are bowl eligible! I'm excited to see what the rest of the season brings and where our football program goes next with new head coach Joey McGuire.

Want to read the full story about the amazing game-winning kick? Check it out.

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