Ralph's Records (3322 82nd Street) is Lubbock's only independent record store and has been faithfully supplying the best in entertainment to Lubbockites for the past 40 years. To celebrate their birthday, Ralph's is giving the gifts to customers in the form of a new customer rewards system.

It's the first time in Ralph's history that you can rack up points for even more great goods. Here are some of the perks of their new system:

Discounts: Darling Ralph's Records proprietor Doug can send out discounts at his whim. Recently, they shot out 15 percent off just to cheer everyone up during the snowpocalypse.

Faster Checkout: The new system also allows for a less manual checkout experience, meaning you have more time to browse their infinitely huge stock in lieu of waiting in line.

Better Receipts: It's not on that calculator-looking scrap paper receipt anymore.

Notifications: Ralph's Records swears they'll never spam you, and they've never lied to me. They contact you with just the pertinent details, like when the record you ordered arrives in the store. (Remember: Ralph's Records never charges for shipping, so you save when you order through them versus buying online.)

And finally, the pièces de résistance:

Customer Rewards: Each time you buy from Ralph's Records, you will get automatic points credited to your account. To celebrate the onset of customer rewards, Doug is being heavy-handed and generous with them, so now's the time to stock up so you have plenty of points to spend in the future.

Are you excited and ready to sign up? Swing by Ralph's Records as soon as you can. They are open EVERY DAY 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., except Sunday, when the store is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. You weren't getting up any earlier on Sunday, anyways.

Happy 40th birthday, Ralph's. We love you!

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