I recently discovered a really interesting online tool on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. It allows you to search rare, threatened, and endangered animals (or candidates for those distinctions) by county.

It was actually primarily created for, "entities that construct, plan, approve, permit, and/or fund development projects." But I used it like Zoo Books, but for an adult nerd. So of course, I had to look up Lubbock county. The information is exportable to an Excel document, making it really easy to navigate. There aren't any pictures though, so I went ahead and did that work for you, see the gallery below.

If you use the map, you'll likely want to review this companion document to understand what some of the categories and codes mean.

Most of these animals you have probably never seen yourself in Lubbock, as they are obviously rare, but also because many of these animals will only ever pass by Lubbock in a migratory route. Personally, I've seen a total of four of these animals, and I count myself lucky.

You have almost certainly seen a Prairie Dog, and while they may not seem rare to us, they are a candidate for "threatened" species due to habitat loss. We are just blessed to have thousands of these fascinating and adorable animals, who once numbered in the billions across the prairie.

I hope you enjoy this gallery and that you get the opportunity to see a few of these guys thriving in the wild. Imagine seeing the stunning white-faced ibis, or a majestic Pronghorn. A few of these animals are potentially dangerous, and some are extremely cute, but they are all a part of our prairie ecosystem and deserve their place in it

Endangered Animals That Sometimes Appear In Lubbock

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