The concept of "Crime Line" has always been a bit bothersome to me.  If someone has information on a murder or something like that, of course I have no problem with that.  If a friend has a fight with a friend and calls police to say he has a pot plant in his basement, that guy needs his ass kicked not a reward.

I got a better idea.  If you feel like an injustice has been done, stand up and do the right thing instead of hiding behind a phone call.  Have some balls.  I still trust in the police an other authorities to do right by people who do right by them.  I support our local police, I just don't support snitching unless the informant or someone else s life would be in danger by giving the information.

Anyways, Android users can now anonymously submit tips  via calling, texts or online submissions.  Here's the original release from the Lubbock Police.

I'd love to have your thoughts on this?  At what point is it okay to "drop a dime " on someone?

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