Greetings my fellow rockers! I hope this Thursday is treating you well! If not maybe today's random jackal fact will get your blood flowing and lift your mood as you prepare to face the weekend knowing only 8 more days before Jesse, Roman, Chris and Jeff; aka JACKYL hit Lubbock for a kick ass rock show at Wrecker's live in the Depot District.

Now that you know what the canis aureus; or jackal eats (you know just in case you pass out and your friends leave you for dead after the show) it might serve you well to know what the jackal looks like. So, if you come to in an alley and open your eyes to an animal that is covered in short coarse fur that is about the size of a large child on all four's lingering over your lifeless body and growling, it would be wise of you to assume the fetal position, face down and shout as loud as you can; "drinks on me!"

While you contemplate how to explain to your significant other why you smell like a dirty wet dog the morning after the show, check out this Jackyl video and get ready to rock!

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