Blowing $1240 each month, plus all of the bills, on a house that doesn't even belong to you can really be a bummer. If you're like me, then you're always looking around online for a better spot to rent in Lubbock. So far, I haven't found anything that compares to what I have. In fact, I've found places half the size at nearly twice the price.

But what about a trailer? Hear me out...

It's not something I have really considered, probably because they seem to get such a bad rep, but after checking out a couple of videos online, I'm noticing more and more young people opting for cheaper housing and turning trailers into fabulous homes. Trailer trash? More like trailer chic. Take this one for example:

Um. Yeah... That looks pretty dope to me, and $508 a month? I can't even imagine what that must be like. Radio pays alright, but sometimes I'm still pinching and saving to chase down other dreams, like buying a better car, getting better sound equipment for at-home voice projects, and paying off student loans.

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Is a manufactured home a good idea? Is the stigma what keeps more people from living in trailer parks? Am I at the point in my adult life where I'm truly considering a trailer...and sort of okay with it? If you live in a trailer park in Lubbock, or in a manufactured home, I'm curious about your experience. Comment on our FMX Facebook page and tell me just how awesome or awful your trailer park life is.

I might be your new neighbor soon...

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