If you're in Lubbock have a Facebook account, it's quite possible you've seen the now-viral images of a dog that was, according to their owner Tammy Wilson Perez, injured at Resa's K-9 Salon (8004 Indiana Ave).

The images are graphic, so I do not wish to post them here, but they are, as of the writing of this blog, available to view on Facebook.

Perez made the following claim against Resa's K-9 Salon:

Zoie and our other dogs have been always going to Resa’s K-9, Zoie went yesterday after returning from her training. Within the hour they called telling us she was injured and had no clue how it happened and wondered if we brought her that way..... NO of course not! After getting there to get her and seeing the injury we took her to the vet bleeding and wet as they still tried to give her a bath with her chest peeled open like a slice of grated cheese.... a fresh wound bleeding!! The vet gave her a sedative and had to put multiple stitches to close the wound. After further investigation and pictures it has became apparent that it was done with one of the dog grooming tools. They never offered an explanation and never took responsibility for the injury.
Finally today after a long conversation with Resa, the pictures and some ugly words from her she agreed to paid the $210 vet bill but she did tell me this and I am quoting Resa’s own words to me on the phone....”pick up your f...ing check, do not ever step foot in my business again and I don’t want your friends or family in here either.... we don’t need your business”. There is no excuse to treat customers that way and no way ok with how Zoie was treated and injuries. So for those that take your dogs there please beware of what can happen and the lack of Respect, Professionalism, concern for the health and safety of the animals left in their care. Do not trust Resa’s Pet Groomer with your dog.
We are the only voice our animals have and we have to protect them.
Yes she paid the vet bill but only after I threatened her with an attorney and she wanted me to back off... she NEVER apologized not once and when the check was picked up by my daughter she wouldn’t even address her until all the customers were out of the salon. 😢😡

I reached out to Resa Carson, owner of Resa's K-9 Salon, via telephone for her version of what happened, which is quite different from the events Perez recounts.

The following is a transcription of the pertinent parts of the call:

The lady brought the dog in and we noticed that there was a cut on the dog. We called her immediately and let her know that we hadn't even done anything to the dog. She came down immediately and got the dog- got stitches in the dog and said that the dog had been at the trainer, dog training for six weeks, so she really didn't know what had happened and she left her other two dogs here. We didn't do it. We didn't cut the dog.

I then asked if it was true that she offered to pay Perez's vet bill.

I did, because she, you know, we were in reasonable doubt here. And then we she called me up and made these horrible threats... she was going to burn the place down, and she's still threatening me at this point. I told her, I said, listen, I don't want you as a customer anymore, but I'm going to go ahead and help you out, but we didn't do it. We have camera footage, I have everything on camera footage.

There are definitely two sides to this story. Carson went on to say that the dog had a cut on its head upon arrival that the owner admitted was caused by her attempting to cut a matte out of the dog's hair herself.

Carson mentioned that they have no tools at the salon that could cause such an injury.

I asked Resa if there's anything else she wants people to know about her salon.

"We love dogs. We've been here for 22 years," she said. "I mean, we have 75 dogs in here right now. [Perez's] really taken this to an underhanded [place]."

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