It was kind of tough coming up with a title for this one, but let me explain.

Mexican food

I went to one of my favorite, let's say "quick-serve", Mexican restaurant chains. It's what you'd call "a sit-down place".  First off, I was a bit surprised that just two of us racked up a bill for $30. It wasn't that big of a deal, but it kind of occurred to me that the two of us could have gone to a regular Mexican restaurant for that price.

I think a visit to a restaurant is like a little vacation for a lot of people. It's a break from cooking, cleaning and all of the distractions and nonsense at your house. In short, it's a treat.

This past Saturday we settled in for a late lunch and before too long we were approached by one of two men who were working the room "raising money for their church".  Seriously, I can't even eat in peace without someone hitting me up for money?  I have to tell you, it really pissed me off. I paid for the privilege, the treat, of a nice little lunch for me and a friend and instead I have to deal with this nonsense?

I want to put the restaurants on warning out there, I have NEVER asked for my money back once in my entire life, but if I have to deal with this nonsense, I'm done. I don't pay for food only to be hit up for more money. It is a breach of our restaurant/consumer experience, and I'm not having it. One of the priveledges we pay for when we go to a restaurant is the right to not be messed with. If you want to have them outside, that's on you. Inside is unacceptable.

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