A Lubbock pet owner is asking the community for help finding her lost dog, Judy, who has been missing since Thursday when she was last seen in the parking lot at the Lubbock Animal Shelter.

Judy, a full-blooded Bull Terrier, is pregnant and due to give birth to her litter of puppies any day now.

She went missing last week and was spotted at a local car dealership before someone took her to the Lubbock Animal Shelter, where it's said that Judy was taken by a couple with a small child.

We're told the couple sped off quickly from the LAS parking lot and were aware that Judy was earlier reported to have been at the car dealership. The whole account can be found on the Lubbock Lost and Found Pets Facebook page:

A reward is being offered for Judy's safe return to her owners and has reached over $300 at this time. However, the health and happiness of Judy and her puppies should be incentive enough for the people who have her to bring her home. The reward is increasing as more people have come forward with the desire to help.

If you know of anyone who has recently come to possess a dog that looks like Judy or puppies who are less than a week old, please call her owner immediately at 806-317-3306 to report the information.

Facebook: Emri Narro
Courtesy: Emri Narro

Lubbock is a great community and we should all be vigilant in helping one another and in looking out for people who might take advantage of situations such as this.

Shame on whomever took Judy and has been keeping her, and we hope that she's brought home soon, unharmed and in good spirits.

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