This is going to sound creepy, but I love donating blood. More than anything I do, this is something I can be sure will either save a life, or vastly improve one. It doesn't cost me anything but a little time. Honestly, it's a rush.

However, I know your time is very valuable, so when you donate at United Blood Services (2523 48th St.) this week, you'll receive an FMX Rock Is In My Blood t-shirt. And if you donate today (9/24/18) from 2-4p, the first five people who ask me get Nightmare on 19th Street passes!

You can save a ton of time by completing your Fast Pass before you head over to USB. It's available here. And don't forget that every time you donate you rack up rewards points that you can use towards movie tickets and gift cards. I DID forget for a long time and then I had enough points to splurge like crazy, it was awesome.

I'm very excited to see you today, remember to eat a satisfying lunch beforehand!

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