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A recent tour announcement really set me on my heels.

It's no secret that the state of rock touring is not what it used to be. The remaining bands out there can now pick and choose where they want to play, and smaller cities like Lubbock aren't it.

I first saw this drying up trend happen in Amarillo, Wichita Falls and Abilene (just because I have friends there). All three used to get a fair amount of shows, and now they're down to practically none.

What really spurred this blog on, though, was the recent Deftones 2020 tour announcement.

Now, keep in mind that there was an actual plan in place for the band to play the FMX Birthday Bash this year, but they put everything on hold for recording. They've since announced a major tour, and market forces have pretty much kicked the band up a few notches.

To shorten this up, a band that would have been a $35 dollar ticket is now getting between $75 to $350 dollars for tickets.

There's hope that the Buddy Holly of Performing Arts will provide the type of venue that some of these acts will go out of their way to play in. Otherwise, get ready to travel out of Lubbock to see even the smaller shows.

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