Well, this is a heck of a lot of talent under one roof for a great cause.

The 4th Annual Rock To Cure Cancer kicks off this Saturday at 5:00. Among those playing are Jiro Okabe, who recorded with CJ Ramone on CJ's album as well as Jiros. Eddy Weir (Buddy Holly's nephew). Raptor Trap, Mind Plays, Southern Shade, Sober by Sunday, Twisted Nature, and on the side stage it's May's Choice, Matt Morgan & Mad Marc Hendrix and Matthew Mercado

There will also be a memory wall, raffle and bone marrow registry. Get out and support some local rock and a great fundraising effort.

The event was started in memory of Joey Ramone or the Ramones who died of Lymphoma.  All proceeds goe to Lymphoma Research Foundation

Rock To Cure Cancer
Rock To Cure Cancer

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