It's very sad to me that I know very few people will read this.  Ronnie Montrose was one of the true unsung heroes of what is now called "Heavy Metal".  He successful combined absolutely CRUSHING electric guitar groves to the songs "Rock Candy" and "Bad Motor Scooter".  My favorite track "Space Station #5" featured really cool electric guitar effects that took Hendrix's chirps and squeeks a step further.  More after the break.

Back when what is now called "classic rock" was happening, the "metal bands" that we listened to were U.F.O, Montrose and Sabbath. Don't think Montrose meant anything to you?  Listen to the opening of Bad Motor Scooter, you'll notice that Motley Crue stole that riff not once, but twice (and what guitar player hasn't tried to make their guitar sound like "shifting gears" since?).

If you have few minutes, maybe you can honor the mans memories by checking out some of the tracks.  If nothing else, at least glance at that face up on the right in the picture and see what Sammy Hagar looked like when he was just a baby boy.