This is by far one of my favorite video games ever, and if you have never played this game then it's worth your time and money to find and dust off the old Ps2 and give it a go.

Blitz: The League was released in October 2005 and featured Lawrence Taylor of The New York Giants as playable character Quentin Sands, captain of the New York Nightmare.


Now what made this game separate from any other was not only the graphic language, sexual content, adult themes and the ever flowing supply of steroids, this game rocked.

I spent many hours on this game crafting my home made team of the Iowa Dimebagz. The game featured a awesome campaign mode where you could play against several teams in "The League" and take on several many challenges throughout the play.

Check out Blitz: The League and their captains and enjoy this killer trailer make sure little ears aren't around the words used in this video are the same in the game, unedited.