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Lubbock was recently part of The Sarah Silverman Podcast. In fact, the title of the episode is Cheerleaders, Mensches, Lubbock, TX.

I feel like I should come clean immediately and fess up that I am the biggest Sarah Silverman fan on earth. If anyone would like to Highlander-style fight this one out, let me know. Seeing her perform as part of the Oddball Comedy Tour is a life highlight, and I have most of the episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program practically memorized.

Silverman has an abrasive and aggressive style of comedy that the weak may find intimidating or unpleasant. I stand by that statement. If you can't handle funny women unless they're "nice," I pity you for how much joy and laughs you're missing. Her opinions are strong and she's not afraid to express them.

Episode 34 discusses women's athletics, complaining about her garage door to Al Franken, answering fans, Yiddish, porn and more. It should go without saying that this podcast is not safe for work and is full of fun dirty words.

If you drop the needle at the 36-minute mark, a caller named Sarah calls in from Lubbock, Texas in regards to the recent passing of a city ordinance that made Lubbock a "Sanctuary City for the Unborn." (A fun aside: Sarah knows where Lubbock is because she "loves country music." We can make it to Amarillo by morning, that's for sure.)

She actually gave a really fair and balanced answer to her caller's query, and has empathy for both sides of the issue. I commend her for talking candidly on this issue; it's honestly not something I would do. Insert my best Thurl Ravenscroft voice here: I wouldn't touch it with a 39-and-a-half-foot-pole! Because, you know, I have to live here.

However you feel about this issue is none of my business, and you either voted or you didn't. What's done is done. If you'd like to hear Sarah Silverman's take, here's that episode of her podcast on YouTube.

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