There are those among us who want to regress back to the 50's.  It's a huge disease this nostalgia in Lubbock.  Things WERE NOT better then.  Want proof?  That's a piece of cake: just check life expectancy, that's all the proof you need.  Were people better mannered?  In some instances yes, but they were also suspicious of other races, living in fear of the bomb and/or commies, and polluting with big giant gas guzzling cars.  I could go into more, but that's not the point.  More after the jump.

The funniest thing about a 'dress code' to me is it's generally a push by the religious right. So what's funny about that?  Well the people most likely to scream 'socialism' want all of our students to all dress alike and behave the same way. I don't know about you, but when I see pictures of Chinese kids in school, it really bothers me how they are all 'molded' to be the same.  We need rebels and the outspoken.  We need thinkers and dreamers and miscreants.  We need individuals who will look outside the box for solutions to the worlds problems.  We do not need more automatons to fill middle management jobs.

So should we be 'up in arms' about the proposed dress codes?  In my opinion, no.  What WILL happen is more students will head to alternative schools resulting in a loss of funding for the stricter schools.  This will lead to those schools rescinding their dress policies or send them on a downward spiral as their lack of funding will lead to poorer grades, to more students heading to alternative schools, to their eventual demise.

So in this instance, I'm almost of the belief of "let them have their dress code", because it will seriously bite them in the ass in the long run.  The problem is, the wasted generation left in the wake all because some lame ass politician needed a 'hot button' topic to get elected to the school board.

I would tell you parents right now-VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET.  If you think the dress code is regressive, pull your kids out of L.I.S.D.   Let them have it their way and let them deal with the consequences.