School of Rock Concert -- Lubbock, Texas

I seriously can’t even go on enough about how awesome the School of Rock Allstars/School of Rock Lubbock House Band concert was this week at Jake's Backroom.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and the energy, passion and talent these kids displayed totally blew me away. I think what I loved the most was their support of each other.

While the Allstars were on stage, the School of Rock Lubbock House Band was front and center, cheering them on in full force. And when the House Band was performing, there were the Allstars, doing the same for their fellow students.

It was an incredible sight to see and restored my faith in humanity, with all of the negative hate spreading that seems to be a common thing these days.

What was so cool about it is all of these kids were from different parts of the country, with completely different backgrounds and there they were with a common passion, encouraging and supporting each other. Some adults could stand to learn a thing or two from these teenagers.

School of Rock’s motto is “teaching kids to rock on stage and in life," and that night I got to witness both of these before my very eyes. It was truly awesome.

Check out some of the pictures, which do no justice, but might just give you a glimpse of how awesome this show really was!

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