Here's an idea that's a win-win.

When I say "Shop Lubbock And Avoid Supply Chain Problems" I'm not just talking about your local crafty folk (who we'll get to in a minute), but local stores as well.

Do you know the best way to make sure someone gets the gift you want to give them? Go to the store and pick it up. If it's on the shelves, you can buy it. I know this is a weird concept in a time of shopping by mail, but many of our local retailers have had stock on hand well before there were any supply chain problems. You could be the one to help them freshen their inventory and you walk out of the store with the thing you need.

Now, I do want to put an extra plug-in for people with homemade goods here in town. I'm sure there's a long list, which I hope you'll add to when this is published, but pick up pastries from Plain Jane's Fried Pies, dog treats from Three Dog Bakery, or hit up some of the Facebook vendors like Valhalla Bound.  What about certificates from local restaurants? Last year I took care of EVERY nephew with comics from Star Comics (Once again, sorry if I'm showing some favoritism here, but I wanted to give you guys a solid frame of reference for the types of things you can do).

Let's also not forget how good it is for our local economy when you get out in the Hub and shop our local businesses. Even if you're shopping at a huge store, at least they're employing local people. Shop here and forget about those supply chain issues.

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